About Marika Devan

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder called Ataxia and since then, I have made it my goal to live every day like it’s my last. I don’t know what the future holds, but what I do know is that I will go into it with no regrets. So join me on my adventures around the world as I trip and fall from one country to the next.

7 Reasons You Need to Add Prague to Your Bucket List

Ah Prague, Forget Paris being the city of love. Prague, in my opinion, takes the prize! It's one of the most well-preserved and beautiful cities in the world. I've had the pleasure of visiting several times and I never seem to get bored! There is always something new to discover or somewhere new to explore. Despite [...]

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Total Athens Tour: Tastes & Bohemian Tales with Urban Adventures

Although Athens isn't big, it' still an overwhelming city with so much to do. As this is my third time in the ancient city, I am pretty well acquainted and have visited many of the historical sites. This time around, I wanted a more personal and local experience. The Total Athens Tour conducted by Urban Adventures [...]

Total Athens Tour: Tastes & Bohemian Tales with Urban Adventures2018-11-30T23:16:40-07:00

Welcome to Clumsy Girl Travels!

Hey, My name is Marika and welcome to my blog: Clumsy Girl Travels! I'm originally from LA and I have to admit...I don't like it very much. I deal with that fact by never actually being there. I also read way too many books, I love dogs, and I am incredibly clumsy, so much so that [...]

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