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Here is where you can find my frequently asked questions and a form to contact me. I am an open book so whether you want to say hi, ask about my disability, tell me how my blog has helped you, or you know, tell me all about your dog. I am here for it! I absolutely love hearing from my readers!

Can you tell me more about your disability?2021-08-15T15:55:23-07:00

Sure! I have Ataxia which is a degenerative neurological condition that affects my balance and fine motor skills. I have written tons of posts about my experiences traveling with a hidden disability. I have also written a post for Fodors listings “Things I wish people knew about traveling with a hidden disability“. If you would like to read more about Ataxia or donate to a reputable source, check out The National Ataxia Foundation. I am very open about my disability, so if you have anyquestions about Ataxia or traveling with a disability feel free to ask.

How do you travel solo with a disability?2021-08-15T18:48:12-07:00

Well, to be honest I plan my trips very meticulously. Traveling solo is a challenge for anyone but especially more so when the person has limitations. I have been in incredibly unsafe situations due to my disability. For example, taking a hike I thought was easy but turns out it was incredibly strenuous and I almost fell to my death.

Generally, I have better common sense and stuff like that doesn’t happen often, but that is why I have to do tons of research on the destinations I visit to make sure they are safe and they have activities I can do.

How do you plan your trips?2021-08-15T16:19:28-07:00

This is the question I get asked to most so it’s only fitting that I answer it here. I have written a massive post that will walk you through every single step you need to take when you plan a trip and to take things a bit further I use spreadsheets to keep track of my expenses, reservations,  activities, hotels etc. I even sell my travel planning spreadsheets, so you can be just as organized on your trips as I am!.

Can you help me plan my trip?2021-08-15T18:54:59-07:00

Unfortunately at this moment I don’t offer trip planning services, but it is something I could offer in the future. I love trip planning, but don’t have time to help every single person who asks me to plan their trip. I have too many other side projects I am focused on. If you have a simple question, just send me a message and I would be happy to answer it.

Can I write you a blog post?2021-08-15T20:29:20-07:00

At this time I don’t accept guest posts. I am still building my blog and am focused on writing all the content myself and I am very particular with the content I do write on my blog.

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