As someone with Ataxia, finding items for me to use on a daily basis can be hard. I have compiled this list of items to help those who have Ataxia or who have someone with Ataxia in their life find the perfect gift this holiday season.

Whether you need help in the kitchen, a little more stability getting up and down or a simple way to organize your kitchen utensils, This gift guide will help you find just the right gift!

“I Love Someone with Ataxia” Shirt

Do you have a family member, friend, or spouse with Ataxia? This is a great way to show your love and support (not that you don’t already). My mom has one and I love when she wears it!

The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 1

The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 2

Ataxia Christmas Shirt

I love this shirt because who doesn’t dream of a cure for Ataxia? I know it’s on my list to Santa every year!

“I’ve got 99 problems” Shirt

Show off your sense of humor and get this fun shirt. This shirt is super relateable for me and I am sure it is for a lot of people as well.

The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 3

The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 4

“The Fight Against Ataxia” Shirt

Ataxia is a fight many people including myself have to deal with daily and this shirt is a motivational reminder to NEVER give up.

MagnaReady magnetically infused shirt

Since tremors are a sympton for many with Ataxia this shirt with magnetic buttons will make getting ready a breeze.

The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 5

The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 6

 Womens No Tie Shoes

I always struggle with keeping my shoes tied so I choose to wear shoes that I don’t have to tie. These shoes come in differenct colors and styles and are easy to slip on.

Mens No Tie Shoes

Don’t worry, I am not leaving the men out. These shoes come in a few colors and are easy to slip on.


The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 7

Weighted Cutlery

Weighted cutlery helps immensely for those with tremors. You will have less shakiness which means less spillage.

Scoop Plate

This rimmed edge bowl, makes scooping out food super simple. This, along with the heavyweight utensils above would make a perfect gift set.

The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 8

The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 9

Two Handled Mug

Don’t let those tremors stop you from enjoying a beverage. This two handled mug will allow you more support when drinking and allow you a tighter grip.

Food Prep Board

This prep board does it all! It opens a jar, grips a bowl, locks items in place and will allow you to prep with just one hand. You’ll be able to do more tasks independently.

The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 10

The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 11

Sock Aid

Sometimes putting on socks can be a struggle especially with weak muscles and hand tremors. This aid allows you to easily and efficiently slip on those socks, giving you a non-slip foam handle to better your grip.


These cabinets allow for easier storage and access to your kitchen utensils. This is ideal for those who have trouble standing up.

The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 12

The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 13

Rocking T Knife

This T-Grip Bendable knife is great for those with weaker strength. It will allow more independence when preparing ones own food.

Adaptable Drink Holder

This is a great gift for people with little grip strength. It can be adjusted to fit cans, bottles, cups and glasses.

The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 14

The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 15

Bed Pull Up

If you have weak upper body strength this is the perfect solution. You can easily pull yourself up in bed independently.

Adjustable Overbed Table

This table is adjustable and allows you to relax in comfort whether you want to eat breakfast in bed or just relax with a drink and a book.

The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 16

The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 17

Toilet Seat Elevator

This seat elevator allows a little more support getting up and sitting down on the toilet.

Adjustible Shower Seat

This seat is a great solution for those who are at risk to fall in the shower.

The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 18

The Perfect Ataxia Gift Guide 19

Wheelchair Winter Poncho

A little rain shouldn’t dampen your day. This Poncho goes over your wheelchair to ensure you can be outside without feeling like you have just showered.  It has a truncated back so it won’t get entangled in your wheelchair wheels.

Well, there you have it! I hope you found this guide helpful in choosing the right gift for you or a loved one with Ataxia.

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