It’s that time of year, folks! Where we see rows filled with red and pink chocolate boxes, cute stuffed animals, and adorable cards that were made to confess your love to a special someone. I have personally always been a fan of Valentine’s day, even when I am single, because I use it as a day to celebrate myself, and I love any excuse to cuddle on the couch with a few rom coms while simultaneously stuffing my face with chocolate and balling my eyes out.

Well…I would do that regardless. 

Anywaaaaaay, let’s talk about gifts because who doesn’t like gifts, Crazy people, that’s who! If you are on the hunt for that perfect, romantic gift for your significant other and they love to travel, this valentines day gift guide will hopefully give you an idea of what to get. I am no expert when it comes to Valentine’s day, but I am pretty great at gift-giving, or so I have been told.

Homesick Candles

Homesick candles are a fantastic idea to give your significant other the familiar scent of home. There is a candle available for pretty much every state, a handful of countries, and even some US and European cities.

hometown gifts

travel stub journal

Travel Stub Journal

Keeping travel memorabilia is the perfect way to remember a trip. This album can hold and organize all your memories so you can look back years later and all the amazing trips you went on.

Skyline Bookends

These cute bookends will have you feeling like you are in another city or at least have your books feeling like they are. There are several cities to choose from, including San Francisco and New York.

skyline bookends

color map mug

Color Map Mug

Many people would consider coloring and drinking a hot beverage relaxing and they would be correct, but nothing is quite as relaxing as coloring the same mug you are drinking out of. Whether you want to plot your next adventure or reminisce a past trip these fun map mugs hold the key to unlimited creativity.

Compact Packable Travel Neck Pillow

Sleeping on a plane, train, car, or really any mode of transportation is usually pretty uncomfortable, and if your other half doesn’t have a comfy neck pillow, it’s time she gets one! This pillow fits comfortably around the neck and will have her comfily dozing off in no time.

sleep pillow

wine cork country map

Wine Cork Country Map

This gift will please every wine lover. Some corks are just worth saving and displaying, and with this wine cork map, you can. There are maps for Italy, Spain, Australia, France, and the US.

Protect the Australian Animal Mugs

Women love cute animals, and they love saving cute animals even more, which is why this mug is the perfect gift. Each mug is handmade, and each one that is purchased $5 is donated to the Global Wildlife Conservation’s Australian wildfire recovery effort

australian Animal mugs

City Postcard Sculpture

City Postcard Sculpture

These 3-dimensional sculptures pay homage to popular cities around the world and are so freaking cute! They are hand made by a mother-son team and will surely awaken your inner travel bug. They have 11 cities to choose from in the US and Europe.

Custom Travel Coasters

Keep your most memorable travel experiences out for all to see with these fun custom travel coasters.

custom travel coasters

home state pilow

Ode to Home State Pillow

These charming and whimsical pillows will bring a bit of home state pride into your own home. Each pillow has a poem that encompasses everything great about each given state and a cute drawing to go with the poem. There is a pillow for every state so wherever you are from, you can be sure there will be a pillow that will bring you the comfort and familiarity of your home state into your own home.

Wanderlust Cross Stitch Map

Keep track of your favorite travel routes with this custom cross stitch map. This is perfect for those who love DIY projects.

wanderlust cross stitch map

world wooden cookbook stand

World Wooden Cookbook Stand

If you love to cook AND travel, then you will love this cookbook stand. This stand is made by artisans in India on sustainably harvested wood, so by purchasing this, you will be supporting local artists and the environment!

Personalized Travel Tag Photo Art

Turn your favorite travel memories into a creative work of art with this personalized travel tag photo collage. Showcase photos from multiple trips or one magical adventure!

travel tags

travel planner

Travel Planner

This cute travel planner is the perfect thing to help you thoroughly plan any trip. You can plan your budget, places to visit, things to do, your packing list, to-do list, restaurants, and accommodation! This planner has room to plan 6 trips.

Paris Keepsake Box

Paris is a city near and dear to many hearts, and for anyone who loves the city of lights, this box is the perfect gift.

paris box

personalized Notebook

Personalized Destination Travel Journal

This is the ultimate keepsake where your travel memories will live on forever. This journal is an excellent gift, especially for those who love to write.

Custom Photo and Map Art

If there was a perfect gift, I think this one would take the prize. On one side of the heart is your picture, and on the other side a map of the location the photo was taken. How cute is that?

photo and map art

personalized journal

Personalized Travel Notebook

This is a customized journal made from vegan leather. There are many different colors and customizable options, so you are bound to find one that will be a perfect gift.

World Map Bracelet with Airplane Charm

Jewelry always makes a great gift, and if your other half loves to travel, she will love this handmade bracelet.

travel charm

map roses

Custom Map Roses

What is better than a bouquet of real roses? Roses made out of maps, of course! The best part about them? They don’t die, so you can keep them as a reminder of your love.

City Poster Wall Art

Does your significant other have a favorite city? Well, why not buy her a poster to hang on the wall. She can be reminded of you AND her favorite city every time she looks at it.


personalized passport cover

Personalized Leather Passport Cover

Passport covers make great gifts, and I absolutely adore these. I mean, what better way to show your love & affection than a message to your loved one. She will read it every time she takes out her passport and think of you.

Personalized Travel Destination Plaque

This plaque is a great way to remember a trip you took with your other half or use it as a surprise to tell her you are taking her on a trip OR compile a list of her favorite countries.

destination Plaque

Gifts for Him

mens travel bag

Men’s Travel Leather Duffel Bag

It seems like every man has a leather bag they travel with. If your man doesn’t have one, this would be the perfect gift for him! It’s handmade, has tons of space, and a small compartment for his clunky shoes.

Personalized Whisky Barrel

Okay okay. I know this isn’t travel-related, but I had to put this on the list because it’s freaking cool. I think any man (or woman) would appreciate a custom whisky barrel. I know I would!

personalized whisky


National Park Color Mug

If your other half loves the outdoors he may appreciate this fun State Park mug. It comes with a marker he can use to draw on it and map his favorite US state parks.

State Pride Coaster

Does your man have tons of hometown pride that you feel he needs to let out? Well, these state-shaped coasters might be just the thing to help. These will make your other half nostalgic for their hometown every time they put a drink down.



Custom Engraved Skateboard Map

These custom engraved skateboards are unbelievably cool! Each one is carefully engraved with a map of a city of your choosing. Any avid skateboarder would appreciate this gift.

Men’s World Wooden Watch

This stylish wooden watch is perfect for those travelers near and dear to your heart. This watch is environmentally friendly made from bamboo wood and honestly, the fact that it’s a wooden watch makes it pretty cool.

wooden watch


Moving Locomotive Kit

Does your man enjoy working with his hands and building things? Then he may enjoy this Locomotive kit. Once he constructs the train, he can test it out as it moves around.

Antique City Map Tie

There is no place like home, and with this tie, your significant other could literally wear his home on his shirt. Each tie comes painted with a vintage map of a city of your choosing. This tie will make whoever is wearing it the life of the party.



Atlas Travel Journal

This beautiful travel journal is an excellent gift for those who love to write, sketch and reflect. It comes with a fabric map and a container for storing small souvenirs.

Custom Packout Cut and Serve Boards

These boards are great when you are hiking and don’t want to bring any plates. It’s perfect for serving cheese, bread, and fruit. It includes a paring knife, so you really don’t need to bring any utensils.

cut and serve

carryone cocktail mixing kit

Carry on Cocktail Mixing Kit

Flights can be daunting and sometimes alcohol is the only thing that makes it bearable. This cocktail mixing kit is perfect for a long haul flight and the nice part about it is that you won’t need to wait for drink service. You can mix them up whenever you please.

Magnetic World Map

With this magnetic world map, your significant other will be able to mark his favorite destinations or use it as a trip planning tool and mark the places you guys will travel to in the future.

magnetic map

sleep headphones

Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

These beauties will help anyone get a restful night’s sleep, whether on a plane, in a car, or train. Put these on, connect to Bluetooth, and then fall asleep to some music or a podcast.

Gifts to Use as a Couple

100 Places Scratch Off Poster – Best Travel Destinations Bucket List

With this scratch-off poster, you guys can keep track of all the places you have been together and all the places you would like to visit.

bucketlist scratch map

scratch of map

Scratch Off World Map Poster 

Keep track of the countries you guys have traveled to together with this colorful scratch-off map.

USA Scratch Off Map Poster 

If you have a goal to visit all 50 states together, here is a map to keep track of your progress. I know I am listing a lot of scratch-off maps, but they are so fun!

scratch off US map

dates scratch map

100 Dates Scratch Off Poster 

Not necessarily travel related but a cute gift, nonetheless. You will never run out of fun date ideas!

Personalized Wooden Cityscape

A home is not a home without something customized with both your names on it. The cityscape plaque may be just the thing you need.

wooden cityscape

photo map

USA Photo Map

This can go along with the USA scratch map above. This map will be something you cherish forever as you continuously explore the US and add your memories.

Customized Leather Luggage Tag

How cute is this luggage tag? Celebrate your love by getting a custom luggage tag with both your initials. You will never lose your bag again!.

luggage tag

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Get the perfect gift for your significant other with these valentines day gifts for travelers. You won't have to wonder what to buy.
Get the perfect gift for your significant other with these valentines day gifts for travelers. You won't have to wonder what to buy.