I think we can all agree on one thing…2020 has been a complete and total shit show, and I don’t know about you, but I am ready to bring in the new year like my life depends on it. I mean, this year can’t get any worse, right? At least we all have the holidays to look forward to.

It’s finally acceptable to blast Michael Buble’s “we wish you a Merry Christmas,” watch all those cheesy Hallmark movies you have been eagerly anticipating all year, and divulge in what I am sure will be 20 pounds of gained hot chocolate and cookie weight. I am definitely not speaking from experience… 

I see you judging me, Stacy!

Let’s hope 2021 is better. I don’t think I can take another year of sobbingly stuffing myself with homemade banana bread & cookies.  

All jokes aside, I do want to say how grateful I am to have my family with me & healthy this holiday season. I know many people aren’t as lucky, and my thoughts are with them during this difficult time. If you have the means to donate, I recommend checking out this resource for a list of legitimate organizations that could use your help or research your local community food bank and consider donating there. Every dollar helps a family in need during this trying time.

So now that Christmas is right around the corner, you are probably in the process of getting your tree and dusting off boxes of baubles that your grandmother has stored in her attic for the last 50 years. This year, since travel has been devastatingly canceled for pretty much everyone *excuse me as I grab a piece of banana bread* I wanted to put together a travel-themed ornament roundup because traveling virtually via ornaments is possible, right? and decorating the tree is the best part of Christmas besides the baking and food of course. 

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Table of Contents

General Travel Christmas Ornaments

Passport with Boarding Passes Tucked Inside 

You can’t travel the world without your passport! This adorable Christmas travel ornament will surely bring back memories of places traveled far and wide and be a perfect addition to any travel lover’s tree.

christmas travel ornaments


Rolling Luggage with Travel Stamps and Luggage Tag

Ahh, suitcases you either love them, or you hate them. I love them because I tend to overpack. I actually own a massive silver suitcase just like this one, minus the super cool travel stamps.

Compass Tree Ornament

East, west, north, or south? Where are you heading this holiday season? This beautifully and intricately hand-painted wooden compass is what every adventurous soul needs on their tree.

Compass tree ornament

traveler charm

Traveler Charm Ornament

I see you; you travel diva! As if your family didn’t already know you were a world traveler, let them know for the zillionth time with this cute and sparkly ornament.

Planet Earth Ornament

Do you spend a lot of time browsing google earth? Well, now you can have your own mini earth dangling on your tree. You can even go as far as pretending your tree is the solar system, and you are a space monster who looks down on earth and the people who live there…I hang out with my friend’s kids too much…

planet earth ornament

Vintage Suitcases

Vintage Suitcases

Make your vintage-loving travel companion happy with these quirky, colorful & shiny vintage suitcases or spruce up your own tree.

Adventure Awaits – Travel Inspired Christmas Ornament

Adventure awaits is a quote we all need in our lives, and what better way to be reminded than with this beauty! This ornament is absolutely stunning with its iridescent coloring. I want to jump into the ornament and live there. Is that weird?

Adventure Awaits - Travel Inspired Christmas Ornament

Globe Inspired Gold Leaf Ornament

Globe Inspired Gold Leaf Ornament

These blue and gold globe inspired baubles are intricately painted and so beautifully abstract. No two are the same, which makes them a perfect & unique gift.

Destination Specific Ornaments 

Neuschwanstein Castle – Bavaria, Germany

As inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland, Neuschwanstein is one of Germany’s prettiest castles and most definitely deserves a spot on any travel themed Christmas tree.


Windmill Ornament

Windmill Ornament – Netherlands

Ahh, windmills. The landmarks of the Netherlands. I mean, have you even been to the Netherlands if you didn’t get a picture in front of a windmill? If you have been to the Netherlands before, this ornament could pose as a reminder about your time bicycling through tulip fields and eating all the cheese.

German Stein Ornament

Oh, how I miss Germany and all the gorgeous steins. I think I own 42142. It’s pretty much the only souvenir I bring home when I visit, which is why I absolutely love this wonderfully festive Stein ornament. If you have ever been to Germany or plan on visiting once, it is safe to do so; hang this ornament on your tree as a reminder of past trips or future travels, or if you just like drinking and German culture in general, that is a perfectly acceptable reason to get this ornament.

Christmas German Stein Ornament

Venice Cityscape

Venice Cityscape

This ornament has so many beautiful details that will take anyone who has visited the gorgeous Italian city on a “trip” down memory lane. The base of this ornament represents the famous waterways, and on one side, (not pictured here) there is a volto (traditional Venetian mask) as well as the famous winged lion that sits in the Piazza San Marco.

British Phone Booth Ornament

Nothing bring London into your home like an iconic red phone booth. Although it is smaller than the real thing, anyone who loves London will love this ornament hanging on their tree.

Phone Booth


New York Cityscape Ornament

I think New York City might be one of the best cities in the world and this tiny ornament packs all of the best parts of the city into one. The base is a checkered pattern representing the taxis, and then you have several landmarks like The Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and The Empire State Building. There is much goodness packed into one tiny thing.

Paris Cityscape Ornament

Paris, the city of lights, brings all its glory in the form of this ornament with the Eiffel Tower standing tall, moulin rouge and its bright red exterior, and of course, the Arc De Triomphe minus the busy street surrounding it.

Paris Cityscape

Big Ben

Big Ben – London, England

Another iconic London landmark that unfortunately is currently under construction, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying Big Ben in all of its towering glory. Or, in this case, tiny glory?

Rome Citycape Ornament

Rome. The home of pristine white sculptures, a brutal history of bloody fights, and one of a kind architectural gems. This ornament packs it all. Minus the fights, but it is Christmas, after all.

Rome Cityscape

Handmade Swedish Tomte Gnomes

Handmade Swedish Tomte Gnomes

These adorable tomte ornaments are hanging on most trees in Sweden; Tomte is the Christmas troll that protects people from misfortune. It’s said that if you hang a tomte in your home, it will bring you good luck, happiness, and fortune.

San Francisco Cable Car Ornament

No visit to San Francisco is complete without a ride on the cable car, and if you can’t get to San Fransisco, this adorable cable car ornament will be the second-best thing (maybe?)!

San Francisco Cable Car Ornament

London City Ornament

London City Ornament

Bright red double-decker buses, a sign to the tube, and a crown representing the British monarchy. Another ornament that will give those who love London a run for their money.

California Ornament

California is one of my favorite states; it is known for tons of different things: wine, coastline, Hollywood, etc. This ornament represents everything that makes California so great and more.

California Ornament

New York Santa Skyline Painted Ball Ornament

New York Santa Skyline Painted Ball Ornament

New York at night is magical, but New York at night during Christmas is a whole new level of magic. This beautiful bauble depicts Santa Clause flying across New York City’s skyline at night with his reindeer.

NYC Checker Taxi with Tree Ornament

The cab drivers in New York City are notoriously known to be a**holes, and that is putting it nicely. I mean, I would too if I had to drive in traffic for hours. If you have been honked at by a New York City cab driver, you are a true New Yorker, and this ornament can be your consolation prize or just a grim reminder of that time you were almost run over by a cab in New York. I know, I am full of sunshine and rainbows!

NYC Checker Taxi with Tree Glass Ornament

Glass Eiffel Tower Ornament

Eiffel Tower Ornament – Paris, France

Okay, so I know this a really generic ornament to hang on the tree, but I mean, it’s Paris after all, and what is Paris without the Eiffel tower? Nothing! That’s what!

Louvre Art Museum Ornament

When I think of the Louvre, I think of all the hours I have waited in line just to get a disappointed glimpse of the Mona Lisa and be overwhelmed by how much there is to see inside. But despite that, I have always loved the pyramid-shaped building. It’s one of my favorite architectural gems in Paris.

Louvre Art Museum Ornament

Gondola Ornament

Gondola Ornament – Venice, Italy

Gondola rides are probably the most expensive attraction in Venice, but it’s one of those things you need to do once. This ornament may not have a singing gondolier, but it’s pretty darn cute and will make up for the fact that you aren’t currently in Venice riding the real thing.

Chinese Lantern Ornaments

I have always wanted to go to one of the Lantern festivals held all across China. They look so beautiful, floating in the air. This ornament won’t be floating in the air, but I mean, hanging on your tree is a pretty good alternative, right?

china light

Foodie Ornaments

Sushi Roll Glass Blown Ornament

Sushi Ornament – Japan

Nothing makes me want to visit Japan more than the food and especially the sushi. This ornament allows you to take your sushi obsession to a whole new level by hanging this roll on your tree. Also, why don’t all sushi rolls come decked out in glitter? They totally make edible glitter.

Taco Ornament – Mexico

Tacos are the one thing I am constantly craving, and I would find this ornament quite torturous hanging on my tree, staring at me, badgering me to eat more tacos. I am not crazy, I promise! But in all seriousness, every tree should have a taco ornament, and this one is perfection.

taco ornament

Guacamole Ornament

Guacamole Ornament – Mexico

Okay, y’all! A bowl of Guacamole is just what the doctor ordered…for your tree. This would complement your must needed taco ornament very nicely if I do say so myself.

Pasta Ornament – Italy

Nothing says Italy like images of freshly made pasta served at a tiny cafe on a cobbled street with a fat Italian man named Antonio barking orders at everyone working for him. Unfortunately, this pasta isn’t real, and neither is Antonio (at least not that I know of), but that shouldn’t stop you from living out your pasta (& Antonio) dreams through this ornament.

Pasta Ornament

 Italian Food Ornament, Set

Italian Food Ornament Set

Balsamic and olive oil, prosciutto, and salami! The Italian cook’s starter kit is available in ornament form. This would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook or loves Italian cooking products.

Italian Cheese Wheel Ornament

Every time I see a big wheel of cheese, I get taken back to that scene in the Lizzie Mcguire movie when some woman mistakes Lizzie for a pop star on the street of Rome and gives her a giant wheel of cheese. Anyway, cheese is what gives me life, which is why I love this ornament, and if you are obsessed with cheese like I am, then this ornament is for you!

Italian Cheese Wheel

Cannoli Ornament

Cannoli Ornament – Italy

I am a huge fan of cannolis and absolutely love this ornament. I am salivating just looking at it. But enough about me, let’s get this delicious ornament on your tree! Ohh, it rhymes!

Croissant Ornament – France

There is nothing like divulging in a buttery croissant on a cold winter’s day or really any day for that matter. This ornament is what some may call a tempting representation of one of the best pastries of all time, and they would be correct. That is why it is the perfect ornament for a Francophile (or croissantophile?).

Croissant Ornament

Baguette Ornament

Baguette Ornament – France

This baguette is adorably wrapped up in a bag meant to depict the French flag and is the perfect ornament for anyone that has been to Paris and enjoyed one too many freshly baked baguettes.

Pretzel Ornament – Germany

I have fond memories of eating pretzels in the most obscure places when I visited Germany, like the bathroom…don’t ask me why. If you have been to Germany, you will know that they LOVE pretzels. I mean, they are served with pretty much every meal, and I can’t say I blame them! This ornament has me daydreaming back to all the pretzels I had stuffed my face with when I visited Germany. The best part? This pretzel won’t be disappointingly stale or make you thirsty.

Pretzel Ornament

Pierogi Ornament

Pierogi Ornament – Poland

 Have you ever truly lived if you have never cried into a plate of delicious pierogi after a night out? I lost my credit card in a club, okay! It was a hard night, and the Pierogi made me feel so much better. This pierogi reminds fo that beautiful yet fateful night

Pizza Ornament – Italy

Italy, New York, and Chicago – all places with amazing pizza. There is no saying what type of pizza this ornament is, but if you love pizza, then you will want to get this one for your tree. My stomach is growling, just looking at it.

Pizza Ornament

Maple Syrup Ornament

Maple Syrup Ornament – Canada

If you have never tried true Canadian Syrup, you are missing out. That stuff is what I imagine gold tastes like. This ornament is one of my favorites. I love the addition of the maple leaf on the label, and all good ornaments have glitter; this one is no different.

Soy Sauce Ornament – China

Soy sauce is one of those condiments that can go with pretty much anything. I put soy sauce in most of my food (or Tapatio). I love the stuff. It even goes with a Christmas tree à la mode in the form of an ornament.

Soy Sauce Ornament

Oktoberfest Ornament

Oktoberfest Ornament – Germany

Oktoberfest. The festival of all festivals. This ornament perfectly depicts what I think is the happiest place on earth (sorry, Disneyland). It is a pretzel and a beer. That is all you really need at Oktoberfest to experience it fully, not to mention this ornament is pretty adorable.

Customizable Ornaments

Customized Paris Ornament

For all you disgustingly cute couples out there who have had the pleasure of visiting the city of lights – here is the ornament for you! A customized Paris ornament that will commemorate that romantic trip you took together. 

Custom Paris

Custom Suitcase Ornament

Personalized Suitcase Ornament

This ornament can have your name and a date front and center. It can signify a trip you took on a specific year, or your birthdate or a random date to throw people off.

Custom Vintage Star Map Ornaments

If you have traveled somewhere specific and want an ornament to remember the trip by check out these cool handmade map stars. They are only available for certain cities in the US so make sure to check if they have the city you want.

Custom Vintage Map Ornaments

Custom couple Ornament

Custom First Vacation Couple Ornament

Another disgustingly cute ornament for couples who want to signify their first trip together.

Custom Map Ornament

Another map ornament but this one can be personalized for any country or city in the world. This looks absolutely stunning and is well made to last many Christmases to come.

Custom Map Ornament

Personalized World Globe Ornaments

Personalized World Globe Ornaments

Last but not least, a personalized globe ornament. You have a choice of globe colors to choose from, and you can customize it to say whatever you want. It’s the perfect gift for someone about to embark on their first trip or even a graduation or birthday gift.

Whew! I know there are a lot of Christmas travel ornaments to choose from – an overwhelming amount. But I hope this Christmas ornament guide got you thinking about what to add to your travel-themed Christmas tree. I know it did for me, and I am more ready than ever to get this festivity show on the road.

Which ornaments were your favorite?

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travel christmas ornaments
If you love travel and are looking to spice up your tree for the holidays these travel Christmas ornaments will do the trick!
red christmas
If you love travel and are looking to spice up your tree for the holidays these travel Christmas ornaments will do the trick!
If you love travel and are looking to spice up your tree for the holidays these travel Christmas ornaments will do the trick!
If you love travel and are looking to spice up your tree for the holidays these travel Christmas ornaments will do the trick!