I am a bit embarrassed to admit this, so here it goes… I haven’t explored much of the USA. It’s actually pretty sad. You know how when you grow up somewhere you don’t always appreciate it and then when you leave you suddenly wish you would have explored more? Well, that’s how I felt when I moved from Los Angeles to Seattle, so I didn’t want to make that mistake again.

Washington State is an absolutely gorgeous place. I always was under the impression that you had to LOVE hiking and be an adrenaline junkie to really enjoy the beauty that Washington State has to offer, but I realized after living here for a year that that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I have discovered so many cute places that I never knew existed.

Like, Whidbey Island, for instance. A scenic, serene island off the coast of Seattle. Let me start by saying I spent six days there, and I am already gearing to go back. I mean, you have everything you could want in one place: fantastic food, adorably quaint towns, friendly people, lush forest and views that seem to go on forever. It’s the perfect place to visit when you want to have a romantic getaway, a break from hectic city life, or you know, take that much-needed girlfriends vacay away from the husband and kiddos – no judgement here!

Whidbey Island seems small from a map, but the truth is there are so many things to do! That is why I put together this massive in-depth guide on everything you need to know about visiting Whidbey and, most importantly, all the Things to do on Whidbey Island.

Things to do in Whidbey Island

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Whidbey Island Faqs

How to get to Whidbey Island?

Whidbey island is incredibly easy to get to. Whether you are coming from Seattle or some place farther, here are your options for getting to Whidbey Island.

If you are coming from Seattle, I recommend taking the ferry from Mukilteo to Clinton. You can go around via Fidalgo Island, but it will be quite a detour unless you plan on starting in Deception Pass and then making your way down to Langly.

Driving is going to be the easiest way to get to Whidbey Island. I don’t drive, so unless I am with someone that does, this option wouldn’t work for me, but it might for you! If you have a car, you just need to drive to Mukilteo and then take the ferry over to Clinton and from Clinton it’s easy to get around. Whidbey Island is quite small so, driving from one end to the other won’t take long.

Getting to Whidbey using public transportation is doable. Although, like taking the bus anywhere it will take a bit of time. To see what bus lines stop at Mukilteo Ferry Terminal check the schedule here.

How to Get Around Whidbey Island?

For such a small island, Whidbey surprisingly has excellent public transportation. The bus on Whidbey Island has stops from Clinton all the way to Deception Pass, so you really don’t need a car. Oh, and the best part? The bus is free. Yes, FREE!

Uber and Lyft are available in North Whidbey, so that would be Oak Harbor (The Island’s big city) and Coupeville. I am not sure how reliable they are. Taxi’s are also available but in the summertime, especially on weekends, the cab companies are swamped with business, so it might be difficult to get a cab if you are visiting during that time.

My recommendations is to drive if you can or take the bus. The unknowingness of Uber and cabs would stress me out!

What is the Best Time to visit Whidbey Island?

The best time to visit Whidbey Island is May-June. The weather is gorgeous and although it’s the start of peak season, it’s still relatively quiet. July and August temperatures can get up to 81 degrees and that is the time when the tourists flock to the island.

12 Epic Things to Do On Whidbey Island, Washington: A Perfect Weekend Getaway 1

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Where to Stay on Whidbey Island

Saratoga Inn | Address: 201 Cascade Ave, Langley, WA 98260 | Phone: (360) 221-5801

Saratoga inn is a B&B located in downtown Langley, and it is so freaking cute! There is a cozy living room area where you can sit and read, plan your day’s activities or just chill after a long day. 

They serve a killer breakfast every morning…Seriously! The breakfast alone is worth a stay here. They usually have a buffet set up, but instead, they are offering table service because of the pandemic. They have a new menu every morning. 

They are also pet friendly, so you don’t have to leave your furry friend at home.

Location: Saratoga is located in downtown Langley and is within walking distance to most attractions, restaurants and shops.

Pricing: Starts at $334


  • Delicious home cooked breakfast – changes daily
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Free coffee, and tea in the lobby 24/7
  • dog friendly
  • A welcome cookie in each room.

Saratoga Inn

Captain Whidbey | Address: 2072 W Capt Whidbey Inn Rd #9702, Coupeville, WA 98239

Captain Whidbey was a hotel that came highly recommended, and we can see why! This historical rustic inn has been entertaining guests since 1907.  The lobby has an old-timey nautical theme, and there are stunning water views throughout the entire property.

Unfortunately, the restaurant and bar weren’t open when we stayed due to the virus that must not be named, but the menu looked absolutely delicious. I will definitely be staying here again once restrictions ease up. 

There is a choice to stay inside the old part of the hotel, which is located in the main building upstairs or a cabin situated in the back of the property. The cabins are dog friendly, so that’s where we stayed! 

Location: To stay at Captain Whidbey, you do need a car. It’s about a 15-minute drive from Coupeville and a 13-minute drive from Oak Harbor. It’s also close to tons of public beaches and hiking trails

Pricing: Starts at $222


  • Private beach access
  • Wi-Fi
  • Free coffee, and tea in the lobby
  • dog friendly
  • Onsite restaurant and bar
  • Ability to harvest your own mussels

things to do on whidbey island

Get Educated on Whidbey Island History

Read the Langly Plaques | Address: Downtown Langly

Many of the buildings in Langley will have plaques with the history of the building, like who may have occupied it in the past or what businesses the building used to house.  There are quite a few plaques, so when you walk down the main street, keep an eye out for them.

PBY Memorial Foundation – Pacific Northwest Naval Air Museum | Address: 270 SE Pioneer Way, Oak Harbor, WA 98277

Whidbey Island’s naval base has been in operation since 1942, and the locals are very proud of it. The PBY museum (Patrol Bomber) gives a glimpse into Whidbey Islands aviation history and the role the island has played in various wars. They even have a PBY aircraft on display. If you plan on visiting the history museum in Coupeville you will get a tiny discount with your ticket from this museum. 

Island County Historical Museum | Address: 908 NW Alexander St, Coupeville, WA 98239

Whidbey has some pretty interesting history for such a small island. The building the museum is housed in is supposed to reflect the size and feel of a historic inn that tragically burned down in 1968. Inside, there are fascinating and interactive exhibits that will guide you through the island’s history from prehistory to the 19th century.

Jacob & Sarah Ebey House | Address: Parking lot, Ebey’s Landing Rd, Coupeville, WA 98239

Jacob and Sarah Ebey were the first settlers on Whidbey Island, and their house is still standing! During the summer, you can go inside their home, but we could only admire it from the outside since we were there a couple of weeks before it opened. 

Plus – the view from their house is absolutely breathtaking. I would visit again, just for that view. If you want to explore the area there are quite a few hiking trails. I didn’t do any hiking, but if time permitted, I definitely would have.

things to do on whidbey island

Stuff Your Face With Amazing Food

Are you ready to eat some of the best and freshest seafood in Washington State? Or experience the deliciousness of farm to table cooking? You are spoiled for choice on Whidbey Island, and if you don’t leave at least a few pounds heavier, did you do Whidbey Island, right? I managed to eat probably a lot more than someone should eat during a five-day trip, but it was all for “research”. Here are my favourite places to eat on Whidbey Island.

Foodie Tip: Order the mussels. most of the mussels you find at restaurants in Washington State are from here, so they will be a lot cheaper than anywhere else.`

Saltwater Fish House & Oyster Bar | Address: 113 1st St, Langley, WA 98260 | $$$

It’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular places to grab dinner in Langley. Seriously. Their seafood tasted like it was just caught and put on my plate. The fries were crisped and salted to perfection, and their in house bakery makes some of the best desserts on the island. I had the strawberry vanilla hand pie. Saltwater does not take reservations, so there is usually a wait, but Langley is so freaking cute that the time will pass quickly as you stroll along Main Street or pop in next door for a glass of wine and an appetizer. Saltwater will call you on your cell when your table is ready. Make sure to put your name in a couple of hours before you plan on eating because the wait can be long.

Village Pizza | Address: 106 1st St, Langley, WA 98260 | $$

If you want delicious pizza, you have to stop by Village Pizza. They make their pizzas Sicilian style, so the crust is thick, crunchy and slightly sweet. I don’t even remember the last time I had pizza that good, so trust me when I say it is 100% worth it! They didn’t allow inside dining during our trip but had a beautiful outdoor seating area with a million-dollar ocean view. We ended up eating at village pizza twice. Yeah, it was THAT good!

Flower Cafe | Address: 2780 Marshview Ave Langley, WA | $$

This is by far one of the cutest cafes on Whidbey Island. It’s located on a flower farm, so if you like flowers or any plants really, you will love this adorable cafe. It gave me serious Secret Garden vibes. The food is made using fresh ingredients from their garden, and whatever they don’t make in house is sourced locally and organically. There is also an onsite store selling locally made products.

Flower Cafe Whidbey Island

Gordons on Blueberry Hill | Address: 5438 South Woodard Avenue, Freeland, WA 98249 | $$$

Gordon’s focus is on seasonality, so their menu changes depending on what’s in season and what they get from their garden. Not only is the food delicious, but there is a stunning view of the water. I recommend the Hunters Sandwich (which changes daily), and get it with the Curry tater tots. You will thank me! If you have room for dessert, I highly recommend their seasonal cheesecake. We were lucky enough to get a delightful lemon cheesecake, and as you can imagine, it did not last very long.

things to do on whidbey island

Front Street Grill | Address: 20 Front St NW, Coupeville, WA 98239 | $$$

Every local I talked to said we HAD to eat at Front Street Grill, and honestly, they were not wrong! With Whidbey being well… an island, the seafood is fresh and top-notch. Especially the shellfish. If you like mussels, that is the dish to order! They have six different variations, and I got the green curry mussels with linguini. This is no exaggeration when I say this was one of the best mussel dishes I have ever had. It was divine.

Moral of the story: always listen to locals! They know what’s up!

front Street Grill Coupeville

Stuff Your Face With Desserts

Ahh, the most important meal of the day: Dessert! Whidbey Island is chock full of bakeries, chocolate shops and ice cream parlors mixing up fresh concoctions daily, so it would be a crime to visit Whidbey Island and not taste test all the pastries and chocolate!

Sweet Mona Chocolates | Address: 221 Second Street #16, Langley, WA 98260

This is for all the chocoholics! You won’t want to skip a trip to Sweet Mona’s for some truffles and a hot chocolate shot. Yes, I said hot chocolate shot, which is essentially a shot of delicious melted chocolate. The choice of truffles, on the other hand, will be overwhelming, and you may even start hyperventilating at the thought that you won’t be able to try them all. Possibly speaking from experience. They make all their chocolates in house. and they have unique flavors such as lavender, key lime pie & seasonal flavors. I think I got like six and ate them in two days. 

Red Hen Bakery | Address: 4 Front St NE, Coupeville, WA 98239

Red Hen Bakery is a small unobtrusive building serving up fresh pastries. Unfortunately, inside seating wasn’t available, but they had a small window where we ordered. I got a strawberry rhubarb hand pie and ate it on a bench overlooking the water.

Sprinklz Ice Cream Parlor and Coffee Shop | Address: 224 1st St, Langley, WA 98260

This is Langley’s ice cream shop, and what a cute place! They have tons of ice cream flavors to choose from, but their milkshakes are where it’s at. They have flavors such as Coffee & Donuts, Chocolate Covered Strawberry and Peanut butter and Jelly. Just be prepared for the sugar coma that will emerge after drinking one. It will be worth it, though!

Old Spot Bistro AKA Whidbey Pies | Address: 765 Wonn Rd, Greenbank, WA 98253

Pie is the only thing served here, and it’s damn good pie if I don’t say so myself. Seriously. They use ingredients from their garden for the fillings, and the crust is made by angels because there is no way something so flaky and buttery could be made by earthlings. They have about ten different kinds of pie, depending on what’s in season. If you have to choose just ONE place to get dessert, I highly suggest Old Spot Bistro. I mean, hopefully, you don’t have to choose just one because that would be tragic, but you know, worst-case scenario.

Whidbey Pie

Kawpaws Iskreme | Address: 21 Front St NE, Coupeville, WA 98239

Here is where you need to go for an ice cream fix and coffee! Their coffee is famous. The owners won the title of Best Coffee in Seattle, so knowing that I tried their coffee shake, which I highly recommend. 

Taste Locally Distilled Alcohol

I never expected such a small island to produce such yummy liquor. These are the two distilleries on the Island, and stopping in for a tasting is one of the best things to do on Whidbey Island. The tastings are free, but I highly encourage you to buy a bottle if there is one you like.

These distilleries don’t distribute because of the hefty prices, so Whidbey island is the only place to buy from these distilleries. I am pretty sure you won’t need much convincing to purchase a bottle or two after your tastings.

Whidbey Island Distillery | Address: 3466 Craw Rd, Langley, WA 98260

Whidbey Island Distillery offers delicious fruit-infused liquors such as blackberry, loganberry, raspberry and boysenberry. They are made using fresh berries. We tasted all of them, and in the end, I bought a bottle of the Blackberry liquor, and my mom got loganberry. We also got my brother a bottle of Rye Whisky, which he enjoyed very much.

Mutiny Bay Distillery | Address: 5490 Cameron Rd, Freeland, WA 98249

This distillery is a family run business started by the sweetest couple. They handcraft every bottle of liquor they sell. Their blueberry liquor was my favourite. They use fresh blueberries that are grown on their farm and no added sweeteners. You can definitely taste the freshness of the blueberries with every sip. I of course bought a bottle.

Mutiny Bay Distillery

Go-Wine Tasting

I loved the wineries on Whidbey Island because they were very low key. Unlike the massive, overcrowded wineries you might find in Napa. These were small and had terrific wine. I went ahead and tried a few wineries, and these were my favourite.

Comfort of Whidbey | Address: 5219 View Rd, Langley, WA 98260

Wine tasting with a gorgeous ocean view? Can you think of anything better? This was the first stop on my Whidbey island adventure, and I couldn’t think of a better way to start my trip. Wine tasting is only available Fri, Sat, and Sun from 12 – 5, and luckily we arrived on a Sunday. I highly recommend ordering the sparkling wine flight and then grabbing a seat outside.

Comfort of whidbey wine tasting

Whidbey Island Winery | Address: 5237 Langley Rd, Langley, WA 98260

If you visit from Seattle, this lovely winery is a perfect place to begin your tour through Whidbey Island. It’s about a 7-minute drive from the ferry terminal and has a beautiful outdoor seating area. It’s pretty low key with just a window to order. I ordered a flight, and I was thrilled with all the wines I tried.

Dancing Fish | Address: 1953 Newman Rd, Freeland, WA 98249

This vineyard is pretty small, with only a few tables outside. We stopped here on our last day, and it was the perfect way to say”Au Revoir” to Whidbey. I, of course, no surprise, ordered a flight and loved the wines. I ended up buying a few bottles. 

Harvest Mussels

Okay, so if you have never harvested your own mussels before, you are seriously missing out! There is nothing quite as satisfying as catching your food. This was the first time I have harvested mussels and one of my favourite things to do on Whidbey island. I ended up with about 2 or 3 pounds of mussels. 

I harvested my mussels at the private beach on Captain Whidbey’s property. They had hundreds if not thousands of mussels. We asked the receptionist if it was okay to harvest and since we were staying there it was. Do not trespass and sneak onto their beach if you aren’t staying there. Please respect the rules. 

If you are new to harvesting mussels, I have listed a bunch of tips below. These are tips I learned on my trip to Whidbey Island and will hopefully help you!  

harvest mussels

Tips on harvesting mussels:

  • Bring a cooler & plastic bags. You can grab ice at the grocery store, or your hotel may have some.   
  • Check that there are no biotoxins in the water (red tide): Biotoxins, also known as the red tide, are bacteria that live in warmer waters and, if consumed, can be dangerous and sometimes fatal for humans. There will be a ton of articles and videos that say you should only harvest in months with the letter R, and there is some truth to that. The biotoxins like warm water, so the colder months are generally safer. That’s why you HAVE to check The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife before you harvest mussels. They test the water daily and keep the site updated on which beaches are safe for harvesting. 
  • Bring water shoes: This was something I didn’t bring, and I regretted it. It was easy to harvest mussels from the shore, but it would have been a whole lot easier to do with water shoes. It’s very rocky, and your shoes will get wet if you aren’t careful. 
  • Check for low tide: Make sure you know when low tide is. That will be the only time you can harvest mussels—just search: “Whidbey Island Low Tide” on google. 

Step By Step:  checking the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife website for safe mussel harvesting

Step 1: Navigate to the website by clicking the link above. You will be sent to this page. 

Harvesting mussels

Step 2: Type in “Whidbey Island” where it says “Beach Name” and click “Find Beaches. You will get a list of the beaches where you can harvest mussels.

Whidbey island mussels

Step 3:  click on one of the beaches shown to you. You will come to a page that looks like the image below with the health status of the beach and a map to help you find it. Stay away from beaches that are listed as “unclassified” or obviously “closed”. Unclassified means they haven’t tested the water, so it may not be safe.

Penn cove mussels

Go on a Nature Walk 

Price Sculpture Forest | Address: 678 Parker Rd, Coupeville, WA 98239

If you are looking for something unique to do on Whidbey Island, you need to check out Price Sculpture Park. It’s a stunning nature trail filled with local pieces of art – some of which are insanely cool! Artists will volunteer to create a custom sculpture or already have one made that they would like to showcase. 

The trail loop takes about 15-30 minutes, depending on your speed and how often you stop. There will be QR codes for each piece of art so you can read more about each sculpture and the artist who created it.

Hours: Monday – Sunday 8am – 7pm (or Sunset)

Price sculpture park

price sculpture park

Shop Locally Made Items

Shopping locally is something I feel strongly about. It helps the economy, and you are putting money into small business owners pockets rather than corporations. Whidbey Island has an incredible amount of hard-working and talented small business owners with wonderful products to sell. 

Brands to Look Out for

San Juan Island Sea Salt: What started as an experiment of casually making salt for friends and family has turned into a thriving business that produces 5000 pounds of salt a year. The salt is created by boiling seawater until tiny crystals form. Today, their process is a lot more practical. They own and operate several evaporation houses that allow them to make salt in bulk. They have 30 unique products available, and if you can’t make it to Whidbey, you can order online! 

Whidbey Tea: Who would have thought that pesky nettles would be the start of a thriving tea business. Delaine, the owner of Whidbey Tea, is an avid gardener and discovered that nettles are traditionally used as herbal remedies. She bought a couple of dehydrators, and the rest is history. Since then, she has been blending dry nettle leaves with other ingredients to make delicious tea blends. 

The animal artwork on each tea tin is quite extraordinary. A local native American artist named Martine E Oliver was commissioned to draw a totem animal whose meaning represents each blend’s flavour profile and essence. 

Lastly, Whidbey Teas is sustainable. The tea bags are biodegradable, and their tins are recyclable. They are environmentally ahead of what most businesses are doing to protect our environment. 

Whidbey Island Coffee: What began as a small espresso cart in 1989 has turned into a delicious, award-winning coffee brand with 12 retail locations across Puget Sound. 

Three Generations: Let me start by saying the Jam produced by Three Generations is out of this world. I bought the strawberry rhubarb jam, and it was gone in about three days. All their jams are made using fresh fruits from their garden. They produce about 41 flavours, including seedless Jam and Jam specifically for cheese pairings. They also have fruit syrups that I will be trying and buying next time I am on Whidbey.

Oak Harbor Soap Company: I don’t know the story behind this soap company, but I want to mention them because of their unique fragrances. When I saw them in a store, I was immediately drawn to the fun colours and unusual smells like strawberry cream (which I got), rose petals, fruit loops etc. 

Shops in Langley

Music For The Eyes | Address: 314 1st St, Langley, WA 98260

This store reminds me of a Central Asian Bazaar – lots of bright colours and unique things to buy. The owners used to work as diplomats and would find unique souvenirs on their travels and ship them home, so this store is the product of years and years of travelling. You will find jewellery from tribes in Africa, rugs from Turkey, hats from Armenia, and so much more! The store is massive, and the owners are so lovely. Feel free to ask questions about their travels. 

Moonraker Book Shop | Address: 209 1st St, Langley, WA 98260

Moonraker is a small new & used book store with a wide selection. It’s family owned and the people working there are so helpful. If you are in need of your next read I highly recommend checking this place out!

The Beach House | Address: 221 Second Street, Langley, WA 98260

If you are looking for some beach, island or nautical themed souvenirs, this is the place to go. They sell so many fun items, many of which are produced by local artists and businesses. 

Chocolate Flower Farm | Address: 5040 Saratoga Rd, Langley, WA 98260

This is a bit of a walk from downtown, but it’s worth it! This farm is pretty low key, and from the name you probably guessed, they sell plants and chocolate! They started by selling a dark maroon colored flower that smelled like chocolate, so it only made sense to expand and actually sell chocolate products. They sell items such as chocolate raspberry jam (which I purchased), fudge, caramels, chocolate body butter, lotions, and much more! 

chocolate flower farm

Shops in Coupeville

A Touch of Dutch | Address: 11 Front St NW #1395, Coupeville, WA 98239

Craving something exotic? Maybe some traditional Scandinavian cheese? Dutch pancakes or Swiss chocolate? This European specialty shop is filled to the brim with all the European delicacies you could possibly want and since I haven’t traveled to Europe in over a year I was in heaven! It’s a unique shop that you wouldn’t expect to find on an island in the Pacific Northwest, so if you find yourself in Coupeville I recommend checking this place out! 

a touch of dutch

Kingfisher | Address: 16 Front St NW, Coupeville, WA 98239

Now more than ever we need to support local bookstores. Kingfishher has a fantastic selection of books and the employees are the sweetest humans. They will help you find whatever book you need. They didn’t have the book I was looking for so they sent me to a wine and cheese shop that surprisingly had it. It was a book about Anthony Bourdain, so it makes sense! 

Bayleaf | Address: 101 NW Coveland St, Coupeville, WA 98239

Bayleaf specializes in gourmet food and wine and they conveniently have picnic tables outside so stock up on cheese, bread, wine and whatever else you fancy and enjoy a feast overlooking the water. 

Shops in Oak Harbor

Little Town Cottage | Address: 851 SE Pioneer Way, Suite #102 Oak Harbor, Washington, 98277

This shop specializes in homemade body products, and it’s become my new favorite place to buy lotion and moisturizer. They even take custom orders. If you are looking for something specific, they might be able to make it for you.

Purple moon | Address: 860 SE Pioneer Way #103, Oak Harbor, WA 98277

Here you will find tons of locally produced souvenirs, funny signs, crystals, incense, and more. 

Popsies | Address: 851 SE Pioneer Way #101, Oak Harbor, WA 98277

First off, can we just take a minute to appreciate how cute the name Popsies is? Now, if you have ever wanted to travel back to a 1920’s candy shop, this is the closest you will find! There are jars of candy sitting on shelves, an old fashioned ice cream parlour and the smell of freshly popped popcorn greeting you as you enter. 


Visit a Farm

Bayview Farm | Address: 2780 Marshview Ave, Langley, WA 98260

Bayview Farm & Garden is a beautiful place to take some pictures, do some shopping and eat. It’s a popular spot for the locals to grab some lunch and pick up gardening supplies. Their onsite shop is a souvenir, hardware, toy, cooking and garden shop in one.

Their onsite cafe is one of the cutes yet low-key cafes I have been to, and if it’s nice out, I recommend grabbing a seat and ordering some food or a coffee. 

Greenbank Farm | Address: 765 Wonn Rd, Greenbank, WA 98253

Greenbank is a recreation centre, and you could easily spend all day exploring the massive property. There are dog-friendly walking trails, two art galleries, a couple of gardens, a wine shop, a cheese shop and a pie shop. 

Greenbank Farm

Taste Locally Brewed Beer

Double Bluff Brewing | Address: 112 Anthes Ave, Langley, WA 98260

Is there anything as refreshing as a cold brewsky on a hot day? Double Bluff is located in downtown Langly. The owner has been brewing beer for over 20 years. They offer brewery tours for those interested in the process, but unfortunately, they weren’t running when I went.  I ordered their cider and it was so refreshing and delicious.

Explore Deception Pass

Chances are if you are visiting Whidbey Island, Deception Pass is on your itinerary and if it’s not well….it should be! People visit Deception Pass from all over the world to hike, camp, fish, bike ride and get that iconic snap of the Deception Pass bridge. 

You may be wondering how Deception Pass even got its name. I mean, what could be so deceiving about such a beautiful place? If you ask Captain George Vancouver, he will tell you that he was deceived by the width of the waterway. He expected it to be much wider, so out of frustration, he was like, “There is only one name for such a deceiving place, and that is Deception Pass!” 

Deception Pass

Captain Vancouver went on to name a few more places… Let’s just say the man was disappointed and deceived many times throughout his life. 

Deception Pass is best explored with a car, but if you don’t have one or you don’t drive like yours truly, there is a bus that will take you around. For an island, Whidbey surprisingly has excellent public transportation

If you do visit Deception Pass and you aren’t planning on camping, Captain Whidbey isn’t too far away, or the city of Oak Harbor isn’t far, so you won’t have any shortage of accommodation choices. 

If you would like to know more about Deception Pass in more detail, check out Deception Pass Park Foundation. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to explore as much as I would have liked, so that will be a much better resource. 

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If you are looking for the perfect Weekend getaway, Whidbey Island is the place! This guide will show you the best things to do on Whidbey Island.
If you are looking for the perfect Weekend getaway, Whidbey Island is the place! This guide will show you the best things to do on Whidbey Island.
If you are looking for the perfect Weekend getaway, Whidbey Island is the place! This guide will show you the best things to do on Whidbey Island.
If you are looking for the perfect Weekend getaway, Whidbey Island is the place! This guide will show you the best things to do on Whidbey Island.

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Book your Travel Insurance: Getting travel insurance is such a crucial part of preparing for a trip. You never know what could happen and why take the risk? Before I travel anywhere I always book my insurance through World Nomads.

Book your Activities: Now, you have planned all the logistics time to think about what you will do once you get to your destination! These are a few of my favorite trip planning sites. I always use Viator when I am looking for tours. I have booked cooking classes, day tours and so much more through them and absolutely love the immense selection they offer in cities all over the world! Pinterest is great to get travel inspiration and plan an upcoming trip or share inspo with friends and family. I use Trip Advisor to plan itineraries for what I want to see & do in each city. I also use them to read reviews on restaurants and hotels too.

12 Epic Things to Do On Whidbey Island, Washington: A Perfect Weekend Getaway 1

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Store Your Luggage: Do you have a long layover or a late flight and need to store your luggage? Luggage Hero has got you covered. You can book luggage storage in more than 35 cities worldwide for as little as $1 an hour or $8 for the day.