Trip Planning Spreadsheets


Trip organization just got a whole lot easier! With these 11 travel planning spreadsheets you will be able to keep track of all your travel plans!

The spreadsheets included are:

  1. Travel Budget
  2. Tour Tracker
  3. Accommodation Tracker
  4. Weekly Itinerary
  5. Monthly Itinerary
  6. Attractions Tracker
  7. Dining Tracker
  8. Transportation Tracker
  9. Nightlife Tracker
  10. Packing List
  11. Important Info (passport numbers, trip dates, travel insurance info & more)




These can be used for any trip whether it’s solo or with friends, you’ll never have to worry about losing confirmation codes or losing track of reservations again!

  • Easily add your own text and delete text that isn”t relevant to you
  • Reuse these spreadsheets again and again
  • Travel Budget formulas are calculated for you so you only need to insert your numbers once.
  • Simple, easy to use design.
  • Examples of how to use the spreadsheet are included

Once you purchase these spreadsheets, you will be able to immediately download the files and upload them to excel or Google Sheets. 

You’ll also receive a confirmation email with the download.

A breakdown of each page

Travel Budget: Keep track of all expenses in this simple spreadsheet. There are five categories: “food”, “transportation”, “activities”, “accommodation”, and “other.” . When you insert the cost of one of the categories under spending the entire sheet will populate showing you how much you have spent in each category.

Tour Tracker: If you are planning on booking tours, this tour tracker will help you stay organized. Keep track of tour costs, dates of tour,  tour times, company info and more!

Accommodation Tracker: If you have multiple hotels booked, this sheet will help you keep track of reservation numbers, dates, and hotel information like addresses and phone numbers.

Weekly Itinerary: This is where you can put together a day-by-day itinerary, so use this sheet if you want to get super detailed into your trip planning.

Monthly Itinerary: If you have a general idea of what you want to do on a given day, use this month itinerary to keep track your general travel plans.

Attraction Tracker: Keep track of what you want to do in each destination with this sheet. Keep track of the cost, hours and attraction info like phone number and address.

Dining Details: If there are restaurants you want to try, use this sheet to keep track of them. You can keep track of  the cost, cuisine, location, contact details, and if there is anything special you should order.

Transportation Tracker: Whether you are flying into a city or taking the bus, train or cab, this sheet will allow you to keep track of your transport. Keep your reservation numbers in one spot along with transport details such as cost, departure time, departure point, and arrival point

Nightlife Tracker: Are there any bars or clubs you want to check out? Keep track of them on this sheet.

Packing List: With this packing list you won’t forget to pack anything for your trip. You can check the items you have already packed, add your own items and delete the items you don’t need.

Important Information: Here you will put your passport numbers, visa information, travel insurance policy number, dates of your trip and any other important info that you may need for your trip.


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