Beer Spa: What It’s Really Like Soaking in a Bath Tub Full of Beer

Have you ever had a recurring dream as a kid where you imagined yourself soaking in a pool of pudding? or jello? or some sort of yummy food you enjoyed? For me, it was Hot Cheetos. I was a weird kid. Unfortunately, I never got to live out that dream (or maybe, fortunately). Little [...]

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The 2018 Gift Guide for the Unorganized Traveler

When I first started traveling my lack of organization was something I realized needed a lot of work. I could never seem to keep track of my belongings. I would spend ages frantically searching in my bag for something, only to realize I lost it, forgot it or I would eventually find it after [...]

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15 Mouthwatering Snacks to Try in New York City

Every time I visit New York, I tend to spend most of my time eating. It’s hard not to when the city has a reputation for being one of the major food capitals of the world.  With such a diverse population, there are restaurants opening up constantly that serve food from all corners of [...]

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The Ultimate 2018 Ataxia Gift Guide

As someone with Ataxia, finding items for me to use on a daily basis can be hard. I have compiled this list of items to help those who have Ataxia or who have someone with Ataxia in their life find the perfect gift this holiday season. Whether you need help in the kitchen, a [...]

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