Hey, My name is Marika and welcome to my blog: Clumsy Girl Travels!

I’m originally from LA and I have to admit…I don’t like it very much. I deal with that fact by never actually being there.

I also read way too many books, I love dogs, and I am incredibly clumsy, so much so that when I walk, I tend to trip over nothing! It’s a normal occurrence and sometimes I don’t even notice when it happens. I get to assure people,

“No, I am not drunk, just clumsy.”

The constant responses I get are, “sure…just lay off the alcohol, okay?”.

Anywho, I was born with a degenerative brain disorder called Ataxia, which you can read more about in my “About Section.” My condition is the reason why I am clumsy, and yes, I do make fun of the fact that I am, so no need to get offended on my behalf.

I have had to deal with the symptoms of Ataxia my entire life so a lot of times I don’t even notice certain things that are hard for me and other times when I do notice it can be really frustrating. My goal for this blog is to show people that even though I have this condition, I don’t let it get in the way of living my life.

Along with sharing my life with Ataxia, I will be sharing tons of travel tips, guides, lists, and so much more! I am hoping this will help other people in the same boat overcome their fears to get out and see the world because frankly, life is too short not to.

The world needs more adventurers, like Amelia Earhart once said,

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”

So let’s get out there and start adventuring together!

That being said, I want to invite you to join me in my world as a clumsy, uncoordinated, walking disaster as I trip and fall from one country to the next!