Never in a million years did I think I would be writing a post on face masks – let alone cute face masks. I mean, this is our life now. We wear face masks, wash our hands 20 times a day, and have our bottle of hand sanitizer readily available and an emergency bottle just in case. This will probably be our life for a while. It has even come to a point where we can buy designer face masks. Now, I don't know about you, but if this will be my life, I want to wear face masks that keep me safe and are cute!

That is why I have compiled this list of cute travel themed face masks for all those wanderlusting souls that can't travel right now. At least our face can kind of travel? That sounded better in my head, but you get it!

cute face masks

Passport Stamp Face Mask

Nothing says “I love to travel” more than a passport full of stamps, and now you can have a face mask full of stamps instead.

World Tavel Face Masks

These cute face masks will take you far and wide from Europe to Cuba and a few places in between. Just because you can't travel doesn't mean your face can't.

travel face masks

face mask

Paris Face Masks

Ahh, Paris a city that steals people's hearts, minds, and souls, and now…faces! These vintage Parisian themed masks are adorable. One of each, please!

Travel Stamp and Postmark Face Masks

I am not surprised there are so many face masks with stamps on them, so here is another one I thought was pretty cute.

stamps face mask

quote face masks

Travel Quote Face Mask

What are the chances that one of my favorite quotes are on a face mask? I guess since it's a pretty popular quote, the odds are pretty good but still! I also love the vintage map background.

Vintage Map Mask

Another cute vintage mask! I like the darker tone of it. And if you order this  brighter & lighter vintage map mask with it, you will get free shipping.

vintage mask

travel face mask

Travel Vintage Mask

I think by now we can agree I have a thing for vintage masks, so here is another one I found that I really like. I love the old-time grainy effect it has.

Route 66 Face Mask

“Life is a highway…” Please tell me you started singing that in your head. Now your face can be a highway with this route 66 face mask. If you believe your face can be anything!

Route 66 Face Mask

Passport Stamp Mask

Vacation Passport Face Mask

Okay, okay…last passport stamp face mask. I promise! I like this one because it resembles my passport almost perfectly. Cluttered with no much space.

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Finding cute face masks is a must in todays day and age. This guide will help those wanderlusting souls find the perfect face mask.
Finding cute face masks is a must in todays day and age. This guide will help those wanderlusting souls find the perfect face mask.
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