Day Trip to Zalipie from Krakow

Have you ever been somewhere that reminded you of a fairytale? A place you felt you have read about in stories as a kid. When I visited Zalipie, that is exactly what it felt like. Zalipie is a small town in southern Poland, about 2 hours from Krakow. Over the years it’s respectively acquired [...]

Day Trip to Zalipie from Krakow2019-03-07T20:48:30-07:00

Tips for Visiting Auschwitz

Traveling, for the most part, is great. You go to a destination, indulge in the food, check out the museums and any other attractions available and enjoy whatever city you are visiting, but other times, that's not the case. Other times, traveling involves visiting places that aren't so fun. Places with historically dark pasts, places [...]

Tips for Visiting Auschwitz2019-01-16T21:19:45-07:00